If you”re looking for a true theater-like experience – and you have a large media space – then a projector TV may be right for you. There are two types of projectors on the market – front and rear. Both are perfect for movie aficionados and sports fans who want to feel like part of the action (Click if you”re looking for information on plasma or LCD TVs).

Front Projection

  • These allow you to vary the size of your picture Det er likevel en trygghet for deg som registrerer deg, at aktoren er en del av et av verdens storste casino online selskap – da vet man at alt er som det skal, og at man aldri vil bli utsatt for svindelsaker eller lignende. just by adjusting the distance between the projector and the screen.
  • Front-projection works best in the dark, so it”s not optimal for daytime, regular TV watching (unless you have blackout capabilities).
  • You will need a separate screen and speakers, so consider that in your budget. Front projection systems are portable. While you”ll get the best picture on a screen, you can project images on walls or sheets.

Rear Projection

  • These sets have very large screen sizes – typically 65” or larger – and they have 3D capabilities.
  • The newest models are internet enabled.
  • Rear projection TVs are more energy efficient than flat panel models of the same size.
  • Dollar for dollar, a rear projection TV will provide you high quality HD resolution for a lower price than a flat panel.

Are you ready for a home theater experience that rivals going to the movies? Or maybe you want to host *the* Super Bowl party this year. Either way, you can”t go wrong with a projection TV.